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NEW YORK, NEW YORK , Jan. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Gal Yosef, the 3D artist impacting the NFT world, is about to launch the Meta Eagle Club NFT collection. As one of the most influential role models in 3D NFT art, Gal reveals his popular and incredibly detailed, life-like cartoon style avatars along with high-end curation by the internationally acclaimed Eden Gallery.

World-Renowned Artist Gal Yosef Launches Digital Art NFT Collection 1

As the NFT art market matures, projects from accredited artists should take more of a center stage. This is where Gal Yosef and Eden Gallery deliver their uniquely talented curation skills, to bring a new vision to NFT art through the Meta Eagle Club.

Meta Eagle Club is Gal Yosef’s premiere installment of a series of his own collections – making up a digital art world called Galyverse. This first collection in the Galyverse includes 12,000 captivating eagle avatars.

“I was searching for a character that could help portray a charismatic avatar, but also one that’s warm and inspiring to others,” said Gal Yosef. “Depicted as a symbol of freedom in so many different cultures, Eagles, out of the entire animal kingdom, also represent the strong and brave-hearted. Working on the wings and feathers allowed me to soar and explore new heights in 3D art,” added Yosef.

A proven artist in art galleries, with millions of dollars in sales, Gal Yosef’s 3D mastery is by no means new to the NFT world. He is the artist behind the outstanding Crypto Bulls Society; a collection of bull avatars that sold out immediately upon minting and generated more than $50 million through…

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