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It can be difficult to extrapolate the precise differences between a good sustainable product and temporary financial incentives in the world of crypto.

Crypto-native products are extremely clunky, asking users to jump through any number of weird hoops just to move a bit of money around. But if moving that money around means that you can earn even more money, then that product can enjoy enormous traction.

DeFi offers another excellent example of this dynamic: airdrops, yield farms, and so on. That same murky dynamic is at play as the layer-2 bridging service Hop Protocol and the Ethereum scaler Arbitrum teamed up for a unique campaign.

Before digging in: Hop is an on- and off-ramp from various layer-2 scaling solutions. With Hop, you can move money from Polygon to Arbitrum, and from Ethereum to Optimism (and back again). Though bridges like this already exist, many of them often have a waiting period before you can get your money out.

For instance, it can take a week to withdraw bridged funds from Arbitrum. Yikes. (As for Arbitrum, check out our Learn article that dives deep into this Ethereum scaling solution.)

Activity for both products is booming. Arbitrum, at least for a brief moment, even saw higher gas fees than Ethereum’s mainnet.


The reason behind this massive surge is Arbitrum’s so-called Enter the Odyssey campaign.

For two months, the team behind the scaling solution expected to dole out different NFTs to users that execute unique tasks within the Arbitrum…

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