Bitcoin has been pitted against gold at various turns since the digital asset started going mainstream. Enthusiasts have finally settled on referring to the former as ‘digital gold’ while continuing to push that bitcoin will replace gold as the default store of value in the coming years. However, not all bitcoin supporters seem to share this school of thought despite the asset’s growth.

Billionaire Ray Dalio is a supporter of bitcoin and has been vocal about his support for the digital asset at various times in the past, but it seems that Dalio does not believe that bitcoin will replace gold. In a recent podcast episode with Lex Fridman, the billionaire investor shares some insight into both assets and why he believes bitcoin cannot surpass gold in terms of market cap.

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$1 Million Bitcoin Is Impossible

Talking to Fridman, the billionaire laid out his reasons why bitcoin will be unable to replace gold. He points to the traceability of bitcoin and compared this to gold which he says is untraceable as it is not connected. Furthermore, gold is a universally recognized store of value while only a small percentage of the world is estimated to use bitcoin as an investment and a store of value.

He explains that gold still maintains the lead ahead of bitcoin which he does not yet believe will become the apex or the universally accepted form of money. Gold, for one, has been around for thousands of years and is still an accepted form of money or store of value.

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