Today we are going to look at why the Bitcoin price went up last year before crashing & why it is different this time around. Learn more at

Bitcoin prices could be rising because of a “halving” next year. The halving is very positive for Bitcoin. It increases the scarcity of Bitcoin since the number of Bitcoins created is less. The more scarce it becomes is the greater the demand will be, which will likely lead to a price increase.

Bitcoin will follow prior patterns. In general, each cycle has a high point and a low point each of which is around 10 times higher than the high and low point of the previous cycle. The high points are largely due to a combination of new investment, followed by an inflationary bubble. The low point is then caused by the popping of the bubble followed by new technology.

There are, of course, some alternatives going forward. Bitcoin has a scaling problem that has not been resolved, which is why – during the last high point – the transaction fees were unreasonably high and congestion was high with it. In

all likelihood, Bitcoin will not be used as an actual currency going forward, but rather take the role of a kind of gold standard on which all the other coins will continue to be indexed.

If you look at the graphs of other coins, they tend to independently go up or down in relation to Bitcoin, but only by a small margin. When Bitcoin itself goes way up or way down they all go way up or way down with it.

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