On Monday, it was determined by a Miami court that Craig Wright, the alleged creation of Bitcoin, would pay $100 million in damages to David Kleiman, Wright’s partner. The case had dragged on for about a year and finally came to an end with this judgment. This time, Wright did not appeal the judgment as the computer scientist believed it to be fair.

Furthermore, Wright said that the judgment on the part of the court solidifies his claim to be the original Bitcoin creator, which is something the computer scientist has claimed for a long time. Wright was ordered to pay the $100 million to the heirs of David Kleiman who claimed the late computer scientist’s estate was entitled to half of the 1.1 million BTC mined by Satoshi Nakamoto.

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How Wright May Have Come Out Ahead

One important tidbit, in this case, is that Wright may actually be Satoshi Nakamoto as he claims. If this is true, then the computer scientist is in possession of the 1.1 million BTC that was mined by the creator wallet after the Bitcoin blockchain was launched. The bitcoins contained in this wallet are worth an estimated $70 billion, of which Kleiman’s heirs claimed to be entitled to half of this.

With $70 billion in tow, the $100 million ordered by the courts to be paid to Kleiman’s estate is only a drop in the ocean for Craig Wright. So, in total, the entrepreneur would have come out ahead having to only pay a tiny fraction of what Kleiman would have had if his share of the BTC had been awarded to him. Wright would get to keep $70…

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