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  • Ava Labs President John Wu recently appeared on Decrypt’s gm podcast.
  • He discussed why he believes Avalanche is best suited for NFT-powered games, as well as current perceptions of NFTs.

Much of the current NFT market lives on Ethereum and its sidechains and scaling solutions, as well Solana—and that’s true of NFT-powered crypto games, too. But in recent months, we’ve seen more and more developers begin building games on Avalanche.

Over the last 30 days, Avalanche play-to-earn game Crabada has overtaken the struggling Ethereum-based Axie Infinity in terms of NFT trading volume, and has racked up over $225 million worth to date—making it the highest-grossing overall NFT project on Avalanche, per CryptoSlam.

First-person shooter Shrapnel—described by its creators as a “AAA game”—will also build on the platform, while online social game Highrise will launch its Web3 metaverse on Avalanche. Other notable projects include mobile game Castle Crush and online role-player Ragnarok.

Why build on Avalanche, one of the leading so-called “Ethereum killers?” On the latest episode of Decrypt’s gm podcast, Ava Labs President John Wu explained that Avalanche’s subnets feature is ready-made to power potentially sizable crypto game economies.

A subnet on Avalanche acts like a separate instance of the platform designed for a certain decentralized app (dapp) or game—almost like a white-label solution for a custom blockchain, yet still part of Avalanche. It inherits the security from Avalanche, but acts as a dedicated space that isn’t affected by (and…

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