The concept behind GameFi (GAFI) came up from the intersection between two fast-paced industries: decentralized finance (DeFi) and gaming. GameFi is a DeFi platform that is used in the creation of new types of blockchain-based games.

GameFi is part of the bigger decentralized finance movement that uses a variety of decentralized financial tools for the creation of new forms and functions in governance, finance, and a lot more. GAFI offers the users several tools for the game designers in developing blockchain games.

These tools include:

  • A marketplace for sharing and selling mods that add to the gameplay experience of a particular title without having to change its fundamental mechanics.
  • Developer API tools to incorporate both moddable games and non-moddable games into the GameFi platform.
  • DeFi Wallet enables much more complex in-game economies.
  • Arcade experience where the users can bring in their current games and play them with other players who already have apps on the GameFi platform, supporting a massive variety of gameplay experiences across a plethora of titles.
  • Gamecoin, a currency that is designed particularly for micro-transactions in the games where everything from purchasing new skins to unlocking special items costs a given amount of currency.
  • Specialized and customized curation tools for dApp developers like the automated “bounty” payments, for example, discovering bugs in a DApp.

GameFi Coin

The idea that powers this technology is to create a DeFi platform for the blockchain gaming space that lets users access a wide array of gameplay experiences while…

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