Larry David, when asked in a 2009 interview to describe the opening theme to “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” didn’t mince words: “It introduces the idea that you’re in for something pretty idiotic.”

Despite the HBO comedy’s six-year hiatus from 2011 to 2017, the jaunty tuba, piano, and mandolin waltz called “Frolic,” written by the Italian conductor and composer Luciano Michelini, continued to grow in popularity on the internet as the star of countless memes, from Bernie Sanders to Steve Harvey to Chris Christie to Donald Trump.

Now, perhaps inevitably, it’s been immortalized as a 1-of-1 NFT (along with the original six pages of sheet music) on the Bitcoin-backed platform Counterparty—the home of equally potent Web3 culture icons like Rare Pepes. The token was minted in April with an auction planned at a future date (TBD).

How it started

Starting his career in the early 1970s, mainly composing for Italian and foreign films, Luciano originally wrote “Frolic” for a comedic character called Il Barone Rosso (The Red Baron), played by Nino Tofflo in the 1974 melodrama “La Bellissima Estate” (“The Beautiful Summer”).

However, David didn’t discover the tune until several years later—in a bank commercial. “I love that, where’d they get that from?” he thought upon first hearing it. “The commercial ran for a week, and I never saw it again. Then I had my assistant research it—it became this whole ordeal to get the name of the bank and the music, and finally she tracked it down. So I just put it away for some time when I would need it.”

Upon the series launch in 2000, Larry…

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