Most people go through life without wondering why that piece of paper or plastic they use to pay for their life has any value at all. If you mention Cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin they will immediately start wondering how can someone invest in something that is “not real” or has no “innate value”. So why does cryptocurrency have value and exactly WHAT gives cryptocurrency value?

The mighty Dollar and Euro, as well as that American Express Centurion Card, are just pieces of some material with no actual value. Today, I will tell you why Crypto has as much value as fiat money. I will explain how both of these currencies rely heavily on trust, and what that means for our financial futures. Why is Bitcoin valuable and different from fiat money? Is it possible for Bitcoin to generate more trust than traditional currency and become the new standard?

0:00 Intro
1:29 Fiat Currency
6:35 Bitcoin
7:16 Stablecoins
7:27 Altcoins

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