Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) experienced a record-breaking year throughout 2021 in which sales volumes surpassed $14 billion, avatar collectibles permeated the mainstream market to become cultural status symbols, and avant-garde utility sparked innovative Web3 opportunities for a panoply of industries. 

Despite a retracement in financial and emotional fortunes in the opening quarter of 2022, expectations within the NFT community are reigniting for the impending schedule of calendar events such as the launch of Coinbase’s public NFT platform, and the potential for OpenSea and MetaMask tokens.

In an exclusive interview with Jordan Fried, the CEO of Immutable Holdings and Founder of, Cointelegraph learned Fried’s perspective on Buffett’s impact on Web3 ideologies, the imminent release of, as well as the usage of Hedera’s consensus service to track the minting of profiles.

Fried has been active in the cryptocurrency space since 2012, utilizing Bitcoin as a payment method in a VPN business, and later as a core member of the founding team at distributed ledger technology Hedera Hashgraph, personally recruiting Google, IBM, Boeing, LG Electronics to join the Hedera Governing Council.

Just over a year ago, he founded Immutable Holdings, a blockchain management company which now operates with over $80 million in assets under management (AUM) and holds the ambition of “democratizing access to blockchain technology.”

Citing the prohibitive access of many traditional markets whereby accredited investors operate in walled-garden capital raises, Fried defined…

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