If you’ve finally wrapped your head around the idea of artwork as NFTs—blockchain-based tokens that prove ownership of a digital asset—consider now how that concept could find its way back into the physical world. As quarantine restrictions lift, Web3 and NFT companies are leveraging more and more physical activations to grow their communities.

A great example would be at last month’s Coachella music festival, where Vault721, a full-service Web3 agency, took over the Villa Royale resort in Palm Springs, California, to host a weekend filled with NFTs, drones doing physical airdrops, and an “Ether Egg Hunt” (get it?) on Easter Sunday. Large flatscreen monitors displaying NFTs lined the perimeter of the resort, with waiters serving THC-infused and NFT-themed dishes prepared by celebrity chefs.

The event sponsors were largely NFT collections looking to bridge the gap between the digital and the physical with creative activations. It’s the newest, smartest form of marketing in Cryptoland.

THC-infused dishes were served throughout the weekend at Coachella. Photo: Omar Flores

In true Web3 fashion, POAPs were flowing—one of which was based on an art installation at the event itself. The NFT artists involved created a mural, and throughout the weekend attendees were urged to grab a paintbrush and add to it. At the end of the event, the mural was turned into a POAP and sent to all attendees.

A collaborative mural was turned into a POAP. Photo: Omar Flores

Loveless City, an NFT collection, used the event as a chance to show off artwork. The transportation sponsor…

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