Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin asked for, and received in spades, examples of “the craziest and most unhinged criticisms” of him on Twitter and elsewhere.

Buterin’s lighthearted request came in a Friday tweet in which he shared some of his own favorite criticisms and revealed the Ethereum creator’s lighter side. More than 500 people responded in the first 15 minutes, although most were in support of Buterin. At the time of writing, his tweet had over 1,200 comments.

Among the four criticisms Buterin posted was one from a user who said he “looks like an alien crackhead.”

Vitalik’s father, Dmitry, recalled a fairly unhinged conspiracy theory that he was actually a Russian secret agent and that Russian President Vladimir Putin was behind the creation of Ethereum.

Vitalik himself brought up how “2 different Reddit trolls!” had compared him to Hitler back in 2017 and shared a screenshot of the comparison in a tweet.

Ethereum was an early example of an initial coin offering (ICO) in the crypto space and has been one of the most successful with over 778,000% in gains since 2015. But to this day, it is criticized for being a “centralized premine.” One user cited a twisted take frequently seen during the 2017 ICO craze, which was called the “spider Vitalik ponzi” and depicted Vitalik as the spider in…

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