Vip2Fan is destined to become a benchmark for Fan Tokens and NFTs worldwide, with more than 200 registered VIPs before its launch.

The private sale for the Fan Tokens will take place from December 7th to 16th February. This is one of the most ambitious projects in relation to Fan Tokens, NFTs, and Blockchain technology.

The Vip2fan project is based on its own V2F Coin currency and its own Blockchain which achieves interoperability, independence, security and has a transaction speed of more than 6,000TPs.

It has its own exchange and an already developed Vip2fan App, which will foster the relationship between fans and their idols to levels never seen before.

With the same Fan Token, a fan can use them to buy and sell products and services, exchange them for exclusive content, discounts, a voting system, raffles, participate in challenges, VIP tickets from the same artists, and much more.

In addition, we provide a fan token and NFT creation service to celebrities by enabling them to monetize their relationship with their fans in a more direct way, by providing and enabling different channels of communication between them.

Wait no more! Enter the world of Fan Tokens and NFTs, in a simple and totally easy way.

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