A United States banking industry regulator warned banks of the “emerging risks” of cryptocurrencies saying the sector should take a “cautious approach” and seek permission in some cases when engaging with crypto or crypto firms.

Citing “dislocations” in the crypto market over 2022, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) highlighted what it said were “several key risks” of crypto in its Dec. 8 Semiannual Risk Perspective for Fall 2022 report.

Its three main concerns are that “stablecoins may be unstable,” the crypto industry lacks mature risk management practices and has a high risk of contagion due to the “high degree of interconnectedness.”

The space’s lack of “consistent or comprehensive regulation” and the volatility of crypto, along with the increased range of firms offering “bank-like products and services” using crypto and tokenized assets, were also cited as concerns, which the OCC believes raises questions regarding financial stability.

The depeg and collapse of the TerraUSD Classic (USTC) algorithmic stablecoin in May was given as an example of stablecoins’ “run risk,” and how asset-backed stablecoins also saw minor depeg events as a result.

It highlighted stablecoin backings have “incrementally evolved” since, but believes most “remain susceptible to run risk.”

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