The Uniswap community has approved the governance proposal that sought deployment of Uniswap v3 contracts over the Polygon PoS Chain. The approval comes in the form of an on-chain vote that saw the participation of over 72.6 million users from the community.

Uniswap Labs announced to deploy Uniswap v3 contracts based on the votes that reflected over 99.3% approval consensus and will be supported by a $20 million fund — $15 million for long-term liquidity mining campaign and $5 million for the overall adoption of Uniswap on Polygon (MATIC).

In addition, Bjelic also announced it was the right moment for Uniswap to deploy on Polygon citing their position as “the second strongest DeFi ecosystem, right after Ethereum L1.” The entrepreneur also shared his willingness to incentivize Uniswap adoption, both financially and technologically.

The proposal was published by Polygon CEO Mihailo Bjelic on Nov. 20 and was open for voting until Dec. 18, arguing that “deploying to Polygon PoS can bring a lot of benefits” such as user base growth, huge savings for users, higher user activity, higher revenue, market capture and return to the original DeFi vision.

Source: Uniswap

Prior to on-chain voting for the governance proposal UP010, Bjelic released a set of consensus and temperature checks to identify the community sentiment behind the…

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