The Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance, a financial research institute affiliated with Cambridge University, has found that the Bitcoin hashrate was up by 4% in August from the previous year, from 35% to 39%. But, still, the mining stocks have seen declines in the last month, with Bitcoin prices going down. The concluded figure involves, Via BTC, and Pooling data.

Cryptocurrency mining involves verifying and broadcasting the transactions on the relative blockchain ledger. It is a computationally-intensive process that opens doors for validators (who validate transactions) to earn rewards. Validators verify the transaction by guessing a unique hash number associated with each transaction. And it requires computing power more than simple PCs.

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Similarly, it needs a more powerful computer when verifying transactions on the Bitcoin network. Because the Bitcoin algorithm creates difficulty when too many validators come online simultaneously.

Mining Bitcoin through a home computer was feasible a decade ago. However, considering the problems that arose with the growth of BTC mining, U.S. public companies such as Marathon Digital Holdings, Riot Blockchain, and Core Scientific owned server forms have made this type of work more accessible.

Bitcoin Price Chart
Bitcoin is currently trading below $29,000 | Source: BTC/USD price chart from

Mining Stocks Dropped Nearly 50%

The most recent bloodbath in the crypto market, which has seen the collapse of TerraUSD and the price dips…

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