There have been multiple sell-off trends recorded in bitcoin since the crash in December 2021. These sell-offs have been responsible for the decline in prices recorded in the digital asset over the last couple of months. Naturally, sell-off trends can be recorded on their magnitude depending on when the trading hours of a particular region are open. This time around, it seems that macro pressure on the U.S. market has been the culprit.

U.S. Traders Drive Sell-Offs

The sell-offs of the past two months have been especially brutal and have dragged down the year-to-date values. However, it seems that most of the sell-offs have been taking place during the daytime trading hours in the United States. This is apparent by looking at the year-to-date values during the U.S. trading hours in comparison to that of the European year-to-date value. The stark contrast unveils where most sell-offs had happened.

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As it sits now, the year-to-date values during the U.S. trading hours have declined into the negative. It is sitting at -32.55% while its European counterpart is looking at positive year-to-date values of +16%. What this shows is that sell-offs for the past two months have mainly originated from American traders. This is even in comparison to the Asian trading hours which also show a more favorable year-to-date value compared to the U.S.

U.S. bitcoin trading hours

BTC sell-offs intensify during U.S. trading hours | Source: Arcane Research

Mostly, this is obvious due to the high correlation between bitcoin and…

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