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  • Twitter users that claim to be affiliated with the Azuki NFT project are scamming people and stealing NFTs from their wallets.
  • The scammers are hijacking the accounts of verified users, including some journalists, to perpetrate the scheme.

Twitter users beware: if you’ve been tagged in a thread about an amazing opportunity for free Azuki NFTs, do not click the link and connect your Ethereum wallet. It’s likely part of a recent scam, and it is not an official initiative from the creators of Azuki.

Scammers are hijacking the accounts of verified Twitter users, including journalists and media professionals, and then changing the profile text and images to suggest that the account belongs to one of the co-creators of the popular Azuki project (the real founders at Chiru Labs all use pseudonyms).

From there, the scammer tweets out a link promising a “secret airdrop” of Beanz, the NFT drop that was given out free only to existing Azuki NFT holders last week. The tweet suggests that NFT collectors in the community should click the link to “claim a bean,” and then they are prompted to connect an Ethereum wallet as part of the fraudulent scheme.

Ultimately, what appears to happen is that people who connect a wallet to the site are having NFTs stolen from their respective wallets. They receive no Beanz NFTs and nothing else in return.

A screenshot of the type of tweet used in the scam, which also included an image of a Beanz NFT. Image: Twitter

In at least two cases, the journalist in question had their account compromised via a phishing email that was…

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