A former blackhat hacker who goes by the name Gummo online claims to have amassed around $7 billion worth of Bitcoin (BTC).

Despite a flood of positive comments and posts relating to his interviews with the Soft White Underbelly YouTube channel — which has 3.18 million subscribers — information about Gummo is scarce elsewhere. This could either be by design or suggest that a large pinch of salt may be required when listening to his extravagant claims.

He said that he has been working in the field for more than 30 years. While he started hacking for illicit reasons and got caught by authorities, he has since turned to do good work — thanks to the support and counsel of his wife — such as threat hunting, cybersecurity and developer consulting.

The latest comments came as part of a follow-up interview published on Saturday after the initial discussion occurred in late 2020. During the first video, Gummo stated that he built four supercomputers to mine Bitcoin when it was priced at around $200-300 back in 2013, and generated more than 80,000 BTC within a year and a half.

According to his claims, he has now amassed roughly 179,000 BTC. If his holdings are calculated at current prices, that would rank him at around the 369th richest person globally, according to Forbes’ 2021 world’s billionaires list:

“I’m quite wealthy. Yeah, I do not have to work if I don’t choose to. I have over seven billion dollars worth of Bitcoin. ”

Gummo stated that his current…

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