Justin Sun is one of the most controversial figures in cryptocurrency. But he has said he could take legal action to combat bombshell allegations by tech publication The Verge about his leadership of blockchain network TRON and management of Poloniex crypto exchange.

The China-born tech entrepreneur, who founded TRON in 2018 before purchasing peer-to-peer software firm BitTorrent later that year and then investing in Poloniex in 2019, wrote: “It is a complete falsehood on the part of the Verge and the reporter and a blatant defamation about the Poloniex operation.”

The damning report, published today, accuses Sun of using TRON and Poloniex for a slew of misdeeds, including business practices that could potentially be illegal. The article, “The Many Escapes of Justin Sun,” was written by Christopher Harland-Dunaway, who in September 2020 penned an equally explosive article about Sun’s purchase of BitTorrent.

In a series of Twitter posts, Sun says of Poloniex: “Polo enjoys robust risk management and strong financial resources that have provided top of class services to our customers throughout its history.”

He adds: “Further, we have always strived to collaborate with regulators and invested in state-of-the-art KYC facilities in line with the industry standard.”

He goes on to refute the article’s claim that the exchange is based in the Seychelles and notes that it doesn’t serve U.S. residents. As Decrypt

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