TripCandy has gained popularity in the crypto and blockchain worlds in recent months. The accommodations booking platform is designed to offer significant discounts and cashback rewards in the form of blockchain tokens, CANDY. Its unique tokenomics offers $CANDY token holders dividends, enabling users to grow their tokens over time.

Founder and CEO at TripCandy, Jeremy Foo spared some of his time to explain to us about how the platform operates and where he wants to steer the company into the future.

TripCandy Founder And CEO Jeremy Foo Speaks To Us About CANDY Tokenomics And A Lot More

About Jeremy Foo

Jeremy Foo is the founder and CEO of TripyCandy. He aims to change the world through innovation and innovation. Born dyslexic, he struggled throughout in an education system that is not designed for people like him. these challenges pushed him to become a strong supporter for people with learning difficulties. Foo left his dream trading job and tried his hand in entrepreneurship since he believes that it is the best way to inspire and leave a significant impact on others.

At just 24 years old, Jeremy Foo joined one of Singapore and Australia’s biggest prop trading companies, and has achieved milestones, awarded Top Derivative Trader and Fastest Growth Trader. His expertise and experience in finance coupled with his entrepreneurial drive enabled him to manage a wide range of businesses, both in the local and overseas markets.

E-Crypto News: What types of hotels does TripCandy partner with?

TripCandy partners with top accommodation partners such as, Agoda, and Expedia to provide over 1.5million hotel selections worldwide.


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