KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Dec. 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — 2021 is where blockchain gaming got unprecedentedly popular. Its combination with NFT brings endless creativity to the whole blockchain game market. Firstly, NFT achieves the separation of assets and games and activates the transmission of the blockchain game assets. NFT uses the cryptographic consensus mechanism, completes the real privatization of gaming assets, and makes the gaming assets belong to the player in the truest sense. On such basis, the assets may even be transacted at any time, which is unprecedented, as, in traditional games, the player may only play without creation.

Together with Argentics Asia, GREX CAPITAL Announces NFT Blockchain Gaming 1

Blockchain games offer more incredible imagination, enabling more parties to participate in the development. In the future, with the combination of games and DeFi, the investors and game players may cooperate in developing games, finance will affect games, and vice versa. The blockchain game may achieve such a prospect that the player and the developer make profits together in the long term. Besides, NFT makes the games more interesting. Why do Crypto Kitties get popular? Its synthetic interest enhances the scenarios of NFT, which makes the phenomenon-type product possible. Current blockchain games have added dynamic attributes on NFT, such as fighting strategies, combination + incubation + splitting, etc.

NFT makes blockchain game successful

There is no exaggeration that NFT makes the blockchain game successful. In the future, the value Internet mainly builds on the NFT, which is a better digital value carrier than FT and an…

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