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Illustration by Mitchell Preffer for Decrypt

The crypto markets have had an extremely lackluster start to the new year. And yet, NFT sales are booming, and Crypto Twitter is as juicy as ever.

Phunks vs Apes

The week got off to a combative start when Ryder Ripps, creative director of the NFT project CryptoPhunks (a CryptoPunks parody), leveled a broadside against the mega-popular Bored Ape Yacht Club for allegedly being racist. He tweeted out a Bored Ape with a spiked Prussian style helmet and wrote, “Imagine defending this passionately.”

Ripps continued to attack BAYC all week from multiple angles, including accusing the BAYC skull logo of being modeled after a Nazi SS logo, even down to the number of teeth. 

Ripps’ criticisms were dismissed by many—and not just BAYC holders. Critics viewed it as an opportunistic attempt to drum up PR for his lagging Phunks NFT project.

Crypto trader @MoonOverlord concurred, and concluded,  “I’m dumping all my Phunks, it’s cringe.”

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