Miami is fast becoming one of the major hubs in the crypto world with more and more blockchain companies moving to the city each year.

Miami famously plays host to the Bitcoin Conference each year, and digital assets have been embraced by the mayor and the wider population. Here’s your ultimate guide to the crypto city of Miami.



Crypto City Miami
This is your ultimate guide to crypto in Miami.



Fast facts

City: Miami
Country: United States
Population: 6.17 million (Metropolitan Area)
Established: 1896
Languages: English (official), Spanish (~60% of residents), Haitian Creole (widespread) 


“Party in the city where the heat is on,

all night, on the beach till the break of dawn.

Welcome to Miami,

bienvenido a Miami!” — Will Smith



Just over a century ago, Julia Tuttle, an American businesswoman and wealthy widow from Ohio, purchased a 640-acre estate located on the Miami River that would set the foundation for the modern-day city. In 1894–1895, Florida was hit by a blizzard that devastated the crops and vegetation within the state, but miraculously, Tuttle’s estate was left unscathed from the freeze. Immediately recognizing the area’s economic value, Tuttle asked American industrialist Henry Flagler to construct a railway that would pass through what was then the Village of Miami. Flagler agreed. Within one year, economic development, primarily in real-estate interest, encouraged local residents to incorporate the City of Miami. 



People come to Miami for the nightlife and stay for the low taxes.



The first wave of immigration into the area started as part of the…

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