All the signs are here of a bubble bursting in the stock market.

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We are sitting on a bubble of epic porportions. And it’s not that hard to understand… it’s all right in front of our faces.

We’re in a pandemic and the U.S. has done a terrible job… we have 30 million people unemployed… And folks this economy was already uneven before this pandemic even hit. Trump likes to talk about the greatest economy… simply not true… we have a billionaire class that got bigger while America’s middle class is all but gone… and a lower class income and wage gap that’s growing by the day.

What else is happening? Congress can’t pass a stimulus… The president has shown zero leadership and yet yet there’s one government agency has been operating like a bullet train.

Central Bank… the federal reserve… they’re flooding Wall Street with trillions of dollars. So Wall Street is happy. There’s a major problem though… and it’s why Buffett just sold billions.

You see the problem is that these companies can’t sell the stuff they usually make. People aren’t shopping. The bulk of the population has mounting debt, medical bills, and uncertainty. The upper class are doing just fine buying houses and cars. But most other goods are not moving.

So where does the money go? Answer the one place left where people can make money with money, buy a share of stock, hold it for a few weeks or months, sell it to a person just like you who went and got very low interest cheap free money from the federal reserve and buying stocks. So the stocks go up the rich people who own most of the stock. And the rest of us live with it.


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