It was a quiet Friday for the NFT market, but as we close out mid-April, despite a slower number of eye-popping headlines, there is still strong engagement with NFTs. According to Nansen NFT data, April is on-par with March data regarding volume, transactions, and users. Alt-chains such as Terra, Avalanche, Cardano, Solana, and others, are likely eating into market share as their respective NFT markets begin to take shape (to the point where referring to them as “alt-chains” is practically disrespectful). 

Let’s close out the week with a refreshing ‘Nightly Mint‘ to head into the weekend.

The Nightly Mint

Latest Mint: Another Congressional Candidate NFT

We’ve seen a handful of potential congressional candidates across the U.S. look at NFTs as a potential fundraising option – but for the most part politicians have been steering away from addressing them publicly. Add another candidate who’s giving the ‘wild west’ landscape a try, Oregon’s Matt West. According to Axios, West has launched a ‘Crypto Beavers’ NFT collection ranging from 0.05 ETH to 1.5 ETH in pricing, and are expected to be released early next week. West, the Democratic candidate, is a Yearn Finance contributor and will release his NFTs on Ethereum.

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Ethereum has been voiced by critics in the general population as one of the most energy-consuming chains available to the NFT market. That didn't slow potential congressional candidate Matt West from utilizing it for his fundraising effort. | Source: 

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