The NFT market is in certified goblin mode. The goblintown NFTs surged past the 1ETH ceiling and were once again the 2nd most traded NFT collection behind only BAYC. Ridiculous Twitter Spaces, an embraced and cherished lack of roadmap, and other nice touches have made this project truly the ultimate meme pfp collection. The true test will be longevity, though.

The Nightly Mint

Latest Mint: Seth Green’s TV Show?

Will Seth Green’s show on his Bored Ape end up making it to the air? If you haven’t caught the story this week, mainstream headlines have hit the wire about actor and producer Seth Green’s intent to create an animated comedy centered around his Bored Ape, which has since been stolen in a likely phishing attack – leaving NFT watchers to speculate around what happens next, and where rights ownership begins and ends.

For the latter issue, we noted earlier this week that fashion brand Hermes is in the midst of a legal battle with creator Mason Rothschild over his ‘MetaBirkin’ NFT collection. We’re clearly on the precipice of much-needed legal rulings around some of these issues that will set a standard for future issues.

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The bear market continues this week as tokens big and small have been taking hits, including NFT market leader Ethereum.| Source: ETH-USD on

Updates To NFT Marketplace OpenSea

Announced and integrated today are some new OpenSea updates to user profile page and collection page layout. The leading NFT platform also shared in the announcement that they…

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