In the midst of crypto chaos, the NFT market is essentially following suit. We’re here through rain, sleet and snow (and sunshine, of course) with our five-day-a-week report quickly covering some of the brief stories each day around all things NFTs.

While the markets at large continue to get hammered, Instagram is finally moving their feet, and one NFT project that was practically touching ‘blue chip’ status, is seemingly at it’s death bed. Let’s dive in.

The Nightly Mint

Latest Mint: Instagram Finally Begins NFT Testing?

Meta’s Instagram is finally testing NFT integration, after long speculation and dialogue around when and how we could see non-fungible tokens integrated on the platform. In a tweet announcement, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri stated that testing would begin with “a handful of US creators and collectors who will be able to share NFTs on Instagram,” adding that “there will be no fees associated with posting or sharing a digital collectible on IG.”

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Facebook's Meta has long tried to integrate crypto, blockchain, and other 'Web3' compatibility, with little to no success to show for it. Could NFTs on Instagram change that? | Source: NASDAQ: FB on

Are Azuki’s Done For?

NFT Twitter is taking Azuki’s through the mud as chatter spurred across channels that the founder previously created a rugged project, Phunks (and other abandoned projects) – which all started from a blog post from the pseudonymous founder. The floor price practically cut…

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