Ragnaroks, Okay Bears, Moonbirds… oh my? A lot of projects that have just headed to mint are showing how quickly this space can move. In just a few short weeks, we’ve got projects – Moonbirds being a prime example – that are being categorized with some of the NFTs GOATs. Seemingly, we’re early. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about The Otherside NFTs – which are headed to mint tomorrow.

However, we’re closing out the week with quick-hitting stories on a new sports property entering the NFT world and a new record high for BAYC.

The Nightly Mint

Latest Mint: PGA Tour NFTs

We’ve seen the NBA, WNBA, NFL, UFC, MLB and other major leagues across the U.S. test the waters with NFTs. One major sports property we haven’t seen dive in yet is the PGA Tour, golf’s flagship pro property.

The PGA is finalizing a variety of NFT programs that will reward top-performing players with guaranteed funds, according to reports today. The league has locked in Autograph and Sorare as formal partners thus far, and there could be more to come. The opt-in program will reward players on their highlights on a pro-rata basis, and the league is looking to build out a program “designed to create incremental and perpetual royalties to players that requires little to no time commitment.” Digital rights ownership is on the rise.

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The APE token will be utilized in tomorrow's 'The Otherside' drop, leading to massive speculation over the token's potential price action over the days to come....

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