In the space of a few short years, former high-school dropout cashier from Sweden Carl “The Moon” Runefelt has been transformed into a top crypto influencer who shares videos of his life of private jets, supercars and million-dollar watches that inspire his followers and annoy his critics. 

Drawing from quantum physics, he has an explanation for his unlikely success — the universe isn’t real but is merely a construction of our minds in which we are able to rearrange reality to match our wildest dreams. Despite critics and controversy, Runefelt continues on a mission to inspire his followers to live their dreams.

Law of attraction

“My parents told me that I should stop this bullshit. They said it was shady,” Runefelt recalls. 

Runefelt, 27, came across Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in 2018 while researching ways to make money to climb out of his lowly job as a cashier. He was quickly captivated, seeing large price swings and the fact that coins that had recently peaked at $20,000 were bought for mere dollars only a few years earlier. This path seemed promising, and he committed himself to learning. 



The Moon
Can self-belief and determination take you to The Moon?



Runefelt already had a YouTube channel, and very much like Gajesh Naik, the 13-year-old star of a previous Journeys article, he soon began making videos to explain the things he had learned, with a tutorial on CoinMarketCap’s site being among his first. People loved watching his videos, Runefelt says, and his fan base grew quickly. Soon enough, sponsors came knocking.

“When you teach, you push yourself…

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