Dušan Matuska is, among many other things, a Bitcoin educator and consultant. The Slovak’s dream is to educate 100 million people about Bitcoin (BTC) by 2030 through talks, podcasts, webinars, workshops and even a Bitcoin education center in a far-flung destination (plans are currently under wraps). 

Alongside his Bitcoin teaching aspirations, he helps out at a small-scale Bitcoin mining facility in Slovakia, co-founded a crypto cafe known as Paralelni Polis in the capital city of Bratislava, and has translated well-known Bitcoin books into his native tongue, Slovak.

But, how did he get here? And, what does meeting Satoshi Nakamoto have to do with it?

It starts with Bitcoin, which he first heard about in 2015. But like many people, “I didn’t take a lot of notice. I thought it was a scam, it was a pyramid scheme and all these kinds of things,” he told Cointelegraph.

Nonetheless, equipped with a background in mathematics and buoyed by the enthusiasm of a tenacious friend fascinated by open-source technologies, Matuska didn’t so much fall but swan dive down the rabbit hole during the 2017 bull run.

He suddenly realized, “Oh my God, this Bitcoin thing is something really amazing.”

Matuska in his trademark Bitcoin sweater. Source: Dušan Matuska

He took time off his teaching and consulting jobs to study Bitcoin. Within months, he had deployed his public speaking skills to give the first free talks of many about Bitcoin. At his first “open workshop, where 40 or 50 people came” in early 2018, something began to click.

“Teaching something that I have a…

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