An interview with Varsha Mahadevan, Software Engineering Manager

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In the last six months, Google searches for ‘Web3’ have grown more than 33x as people begin to look into the movement towards decentralization. This term has become synonymous with a more transparent and equitable way for individuals to participate in building the next generation of applications and platforms that will shape how we live, work, and interact with each other. To better understand what’s going on behind the scenes, we spoke with Varsha Mahadevan, to dive into why developers are leaving Web2 for Web3 projects.

Varsha spent the past 20 years working as a developer building high quality products at Microsoft and before joining Coinbase as a Software Engineering Manager.

COINBASE: Developers are leaving Web2 for Web3 in droves. Why do you think that is?

VARSHA: Data shared in a recent report by Electric Capital, indicates that a majority of the developers that are currently building in Web3 just entered the space last year. A big reason behind why we’re seeing this mass migration of Web2 developers into Web3 is because developers love being at the bleeding edge of all innovation.

Web3 is shaping up to be a brave new world with possibilities no one imagined would exist just a few years ago. The ecosystem of protocols, tools, and services that power Web3 development are still nascent. It is natural that Web3 attracts the brightest minds that seek to shape this future.

COINBASE: What are the biggest differences and similarities you see between Web2 and Web3?

VARSHA: When it comes to…

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