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The ongoing FTX saga has injected more uncertainty into an already shaken market. If it was not clear already, even the biggest centralized exchanges can fail. The problem is multi-faceted. On the one hand, just like in traditional finance, centralized institutions are only as good as the people who run them. When investors use services like FTX, they are putting their trust in the people that run the service. Unfortunately, history is rife with examples of powerful people taking advantage of that trust.

On the other hand, cryptocurrency is still very new. The vast majority of crypto users are not well-versed in all of the technical underpinnings of how things work. For most, digital assets are simply an alternative means of investing and therefore the most convenient solutions are often the most popular ones.

However, considering how young the industry is, it is going through a number of growing pains, which even the most well-established platforms are subject to. The key to righting the ship and protecting users as they navigate these new waters may be educating them and providing them with as many tools as possible.

Everything a user needs in one place

Combining convenient, centralized services with streamlined DeFi offerings gives users access to the best of both worlds. What is more, supplementing the financial products a platform offers with a varied and through educational element is also important.

The cryptocurrency space offers a wide variety of investment opportunities, however, users need a certain level of onboarding before they can take advantage of these…

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