Before now, some countries have mapped out some crypto taxes for transactions on cryptocurrency assets within their jurisdiction. Thailand is one of the countries that proposes some taxation plans.

As the new year begins, the revenue department of Thailand is setting up its measures for implementing its tax plans on crypto traders this January. The move is to provide more clarifying information on the tax over crypto-related activities.

According to the director-general of the revenue department, this month will mark the finalizing of the criteria for tax calculations which will be on crypto trading profits. The statement’s release was one week following its government’s disclosed plans to levy crypto miners and traders with a capital taxation gain of 15%.

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A Bangkok Post article on Tuesday reported the instruction of Prayut Chan-o-cha, the Thai Prime Minister, to the revenue department. He told the department to analyze the issue and map out the taxation plans for the investors and the entire public.

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Following the Prime Minster’s instructions, the department has engaged the Bank of Thailand in a discussion. The talk is also the country’s Stock Exchange and Security and Exchange Commission.

Cryptocurrency Investors React On Taxation Plan

The Thai Digital Asset Association, while seeking clarifications, got in touch with the revenue department on Sunday.

A local media reports that the association seeks to know…

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