It’s safe to say that DeFi is booming lately – and Terra’s stablecoin UST has swiftly emerged as a powerhouse player in DeFi, swimming among of sea of centralized tokens such as Tether’s USDT and Circle’s USDC.

DeFi is wholeheartedly embracing UST, and new protocol integrations are popping up faster than most can keep up with, leading UST to surpass decentralized competitor DAI.

Let’s take a look at the recent growth for Terra and UST, and what we can expect from the stablecoin – and the broader Terra Luna ecosystem – looking forward.

Terra’s On A Tear Lately…

First and foremost, UST has been gaining substantial traction from more casual stablecoin holders who want to maximize their yield potential while balancing platform risk. Terra’s Anchor Protocol has served as a tool that many have turned to in recent months for exactly that; Anchor has offered a consistent ~19.5% continually compounding yield on UST while CeFi platforms like Celsius or BlockFi have been less aggressive in stablecoin rates (Celsius, for example, reduced it’s stablecoin yield rates in December from north of 10% to around 8.5%).

This has opened the door for moderate-risk stablecoin holders to give Anchor a try. Just take a look at the growth in recent months from both depositors and borrowers on the Anchor Protocol platform:

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New Integrations

New platform and protocol integrations have been rolling out at a rapid pace. Our team at NewsBTC covered a deep-dive this week around the NEAR Protocol’s…

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