(Decentralized Exchange) with the launch of their new Farms featuring the Highest APR Yields on Crypto.com’s New Cronos Chain and Their Premium Staking Club

SWAPP Protocol On Pace To Be Top Cronos Dex

Miami, United States, Dec. 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Swapp, the company set to disrupt the trillion-dollar data industry, is proud to announce the opening of SWAPP Pools for farming on Crypto.com’s new Cronos Chain. At the time of publication, Swapp Protocol’s Dex (Decentralized Exchange) currently boasts the highest APRs on Crypto.com’s new Cronos Chain. With over one billion dollars flooding onto the brand new chain and the famed Staples Center becoming the Crypto.com arena, the crypto community is abuzz about the potential growth of the Cronos Chain.

With that in mind, current holders of the token should be pleased that Swapp Protocol has positioned itself to become one of the leading Dexs on the growing chain by offering users these tremendous returns.

Currently, users can earn the following rewards by farming these liquidity pairs at CryptoSwapp.io :

  • Swapp/Ethereum (769% APR)
  • Swapp/USDT (780%)
  • Swapp/Bitcoin (724% APR)

In addition to these high interest rates, Swapp has announced members who stake their Swapp tokens for over six months will have access to premium membership perks such as attending events thrown by Swapp which have previously featured Floyd Mayweather, Cuba Gooding Jr., Larsa Pippen, Nyjah Houston and other A-List celebrities. This should ensure plenty of Swapp is held long-term, giving the token a clear path to grow.

With this much momentum, Swapp is poised to make a major…

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