Urgent… you have to register today if you’re a veteran or a Social Security Beneficiary in order to get that extra $500 stimulus for having kids. It’s time for your economy and stimulus update for Wednesday.

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On today’s show:

When will Veterans and people on social security and social security disability get their stimulus money… you need to act today. We’ll explain in a minute.

What heck is a small business anyway? And why are so many large companies getting bail out money?

And will you be getting an additional 2,000 a month from a 2nd stimulus?

We’ll get to all 3 of those stories… but first an urgent message we received today from the IRS for all of you waiting on social security or SSDI… or veterans payments for the stimulus. I heard from many of you who are frustrated the you haven’t gotten info on this. So let’s do this.

I did cover this in a few of my other videos where I mentioned the IRS would be sending out these payments automatically during the first batch of direct deposits. That’s still true but they issued an urgent warning today.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Treasury Department have sent out an urgent call to three groups in particular that need to take immediate action in order to ensure they get their complete stimulus payments:

Social Security beneficiaries
Railroad Retirement beneficiaries, and
Veterans Affairs (VA) beneficiaries
The IRS is asking taxpayers in these situations to register their eligible dependents no later than noon on April 22, or they may not receive their additional $500 per child payment until they file their 2020 tax return early next year.

Payments for these children aren’t automatic
The IRS, in conjunction with other government agencies, has gone to great lengths to ensure that those on government benefit programs can receive their $1,200 stimulus payment without too much trouble. This includes those receiving Social Security retirement, survivor or disability benefits (SSDI), Railroad Retirement benefits, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits.


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