The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) has published the end-of-year metrics for their ecosystem and the underlying network. Presented by Denelle Dixon, Executive Director, and CEO at the SDF, the metrics showed a significant increase across the board.

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In 2021, per the report by the SDF, the Stellar Network experienced a 32% rise in its number of total accounts with respect to 2020. The number of total accounts stands at 6 million.

On the other hand, the Stellar Network has processed over 1.8 billion total operations. This represents a 127% increased since 2020. The total assets available on this ledger have risen from 8,639 to 90,297 which represents a 945% increase over the same period.

The SDF claims the rise over these metrics suggests there is a growing interest in the Stellar Network. In that sense, they added the following while showing more data on “relevant assets”:

It’s not just about raw network growth. We track growth in relevant assets – assets tethered to real financial instruments – and relevant asset transactions. Since the start of 2021, we’ve seen 11% of relevant assets, and a 2.3x increase in daily transaction volume of these assets.

Source: SDF via Twitter

As a consequence, the Stellar ecosystem has expanded. The SDF records over 10 new anchors coming into the network during this year. This represents a 33% increase since 2020.

The anchor services for this network stand at 30, as shown in the image below. Most of these entities are spread across the…

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