You’ll never have an excuse to miss another governance vote if the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) calls or texts  to badger you to vote. 

The Notifi Network is banking on this concept to help improve abysmal participation rates in governance votes. Launching with Solana DAOs, it combines popular centralized methods used by the Web3 community such as Telegram and Discord pings with more traditional, and harder to ignore notifications like phone calls, text messages or emails.

Backed by crypto venture capital firms Race Capital and Hashed, on April 24 Notifi applied its notification service to all DAOs that launch on the Solana Realms DAO platform.

Notifi founder Paul Kim told Cointelegraph that his project’s mission is simple:

“We want to promote communities to be more active. You bought the tokens, so you should use them.”

As it stands, chat rooms on Telegram and Discord are among the most common ways DAO participants stay in touch with the project. However, Kim feels this method is inefficient as he said “most users keep their crypto chats muted due to the high volume of messages.”

This makes it hard for users to know when new proposals have been made in time to make a vote.

Kim hopes to turn the tide on low participation by allowing DAO participants on Realms to choose various ways they can be notified when a governance proposal has been issued. These notifications could start with Telegram…

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