CHIBA, Japan, — Slime Royale, the NFT game project with an adorable 3D graphics style – announces a strategic investment and incubation support from Appota Group.

A Trustworthy Partnership To ensure the growth potential of Slime Royale

In early 2022, the NFT game project Slime Royale officially announced that it had received strategic investment and incubation support from Appota Group – one of the largest mobile game publishers in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Slime Royale Invests in Appota Group- A Vietnam Gaming Company 1

Although a new NFT game, Slime Royale has proven its tremendous potential by passing many rigorous appraisal rounds to receive investment and incubation support from Appota Group. A representative of the Slime Royale project said that the Appota Group’s investment and companionship would help Slime Royale access Appota Group’s ecosystem of more than 50 million users. Additionally, with their experience in game publishing, Appota Group will provide appropriate strategic advice to make Slime Royale reach more users worldwide.

The development team will use the investment from Appota Group to establish Slime Royale with a long-term vision, bringing blockchain technology closer to everyone and helping more people pursue their passion for enjoying the games and making money.

Fun and challenging gameplay for players

Slime Royale is a game that combines exciting gameplay and the decentralized financial model: DeFi, allowing players to both enjoy the game and earn money from their skills. Since its official announcement to the market, Slime Royale has quickly attracted the gaming community’s attention thanks…

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