The Ethereum ecosystem is set for a “huge testing milestone,” with the Ropsten testnet Merge set to be conducted on June 8.

According to the Merge testnets page on GitHub, Ethereum DevOps engineer Parathi Jayanathi submitted a pull request for the Ropsten testnet Merge configuration code on Monday, suggesting the implementation is ready to go.

Ropsten is one of several testnets created by the Ethereum Foundation in 2017 and is currently maintained by the Geth developer team.

This specific testnet is seen as the best replication of the Ethereum Mainnet as it follows a similar network structure. This enables developers to conduct realistic deployment testing before making updates to the actual mainnet.

The Ropsten testnet Merge will see the proof-of-work (PoW) network combined with a new proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus layer testnet, with its genesis set for May 30. It will simulate what will happen once the actual Merge between Ethereum and the Beacon Chain finally takes place and it becomes a PoS network.

Devs in the community have been posting their bullishness about the testnet news online. Preston Van Loon, an Ethereum core developer at Prysmatic Labs said that:

“Ropsten testnet is getting merged on June 8! Merging Ropsten is a huge testing milestone towards Ethereum’s mainnet Merge later this year.”

Another core developer who…

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