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  • Rarible announced on Tuesday the launch of an order management tool.
  • The tool allows Rarible users to identify and cancel questionable sale orders from the leading NFT marketplace, OpenSea.

NFT marketplace Rarible announced on Tuesday that it has launched an order management tool that allows Rarible users to identify and cancel questionable sale orders from leading NFT marketplace OpenSea.

The announcement comes following news of an exploit on OpenSea that could lead to valuable NFTs, such as those from the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection, being sold for far less than the owner actually intended.

Rarible says it received several complaints from customers of irregularities in the price of NFTs shown on Rarible that the site aggregated from OpenSea. Some users complained that certain NFTs would, for example, show up as “available” on Rarible but not on OpenSea.

Rarible says it began to aggregate sale orders from OpenSea early last year in order to increase liquidity on its own multi-chain NFT marketplace. co-founder Alex Salnikov tells Decrypt that Rarible users have had access to OpenSea data through Rarible’s activity tab for the last few months.

“We started to aggregate not only activity, but also orders from other marketplaces, and OpenSea comes first,” Salnikov tells Decrypt. “So basically…

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