Numerous developers have been left in uncertainty in the aftermath of the Terra (LUNA) collapse. These Terra-based projects, which are already under a lot of pressure, may be able to save their communities and projects by migrating to other networks.

In a move that is expected to benefit both the Polygon (MATIC) community and Terra projects, Polygon Studios’ CEO Ryan Wyatt tweeted on Monday that Polygon is working with a number of Terra projects to assist them migrating to the Polygon Network. The Polygon community, according to Wyatt, “is ready to welcome the developers and communities of these Terra projects.” He also stated that Polygon would provide the capital and resources needed to assist them in their migration.

Polygon founder Sandeep Nailwal added his two cents by detailing the options most suitable for Terra projects. He suggested that Polygon’s proof-of-stake (PoS) chain may be utilized by community projects needing a common chain. Nailwal noted that zk-Rollups will be available on the PoS network soon. 

Layer-1 blockchain project Fantom (FTM) also extended its support to the Terra community by stating that Fantom is prepared to assist any project or developer who desires to move away from Terra blockchain. The team at Fantom also detailed a grant program to help with integration, marketing and connections.

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