A Certifiable Carbon Negative Blockchain, Phantasma’s carbon footprint is miniscule by design, yet offers extreme enhanced functionality. While leading the blockchain technology curve with smartNFTs, Phantasma is doing it while saving the planet.

CHICAGO, — Phantasma is proud to announce that its blockchain is certifiably carbon negative. Building its industry-leading platform and tools with its sustainable, green future in mind, Phantasma’s carbon footprint is miniscule by design. However, carbon footprints — no matter how small — are not something anyone wants to leave behind for future generations to deal with.

Committing to not just achieving but exceeding carbon neutrality, on April 17, 2021, the Phantasma team started on a path to help the blockchain industry evolve to a new paradigm: Certifiably Green Blockchain Technology.

Carbon Negativity on Phantasma Soil

Phantasma’s partner Save Planet Earth is dedicated to lessening the impact of global warming. Since its inception, Save Planet Earth has built up carbon sequestration initiatives around the world, including approval of the planting of over 100 million trees, initiatives in solar, hydro, wind, beach/ocean clean-up, recycling, waste management and more. These initiatives generate certified carbon credits that can be provided to entities wishing to offset their carbon footprint.

Phantasma enables Save Planet Earth to deploy its Carbon Credit NFTs (CCNFTs) on a certified carbon negative blockchain while Phantasma is able to acquire home-grown CCNFTs offsetting its carbon footprint…

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