U.S.-based NFT marketplace OpenSea has allegedly begun blocking users based in Iran, according to multiple reports from frustrated collectors and creators who recently found themselves unable to access the site.

While OpenSea has not yet responded to Decrypt’s request for comment, some users, such as notable collector and entrepreneur Farokh, are suggesting that if Iranian users are being blocked, it is likely due to U.S. sanctions.

More than five Iranian OpenSea users have reported the issue, two of whom confirmed with Decrypt that they used the site while in Iran. Nima Leo Photos wrote that their photography collection is no longer visible on the platform.

Iranian OpenSea user Arman wrote that he also received an error 404 message when trying to access the marketplace. And Arefeh Norouzii reported that today, their verified account had been removed “with no explanation.”

An OpenSea Discord server moderator known as RyanW—who often answers support requests in the server—said this morning that he was “not aware of any Iranian account bans.”

Screenshot from the OpenSea discord server.

OpenSea has faced many frustrated users in recent months. With a recent $1.7 million external phishing attack, a lawsuit over an…

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