Twitter users reacted negatively to an OpenSea email sent to users who still had inactive listings on their accounts. In the email, OpenSea explained that old NFTs listings are still fulfillable, and should be canceled by the user because OpenSea is unable to cancel them on their behalf. They claimed this would “prevent any of your items from being sold at the inactive listing price,” due to Ethereum’s (ETH) dropping price.

According to the NFT collector @dingalingts and other users, this warning had the opposite effect and canceling the listing ended up recreating the order. @Dingalingts tweeted a thread urging users to “FIRST transfer your NFT to a different address and cancel the listing/s on the original address BEFORE” canceling them.

He cites another user @swolfchan.eth who claimed that he lost at least 15 ETH. After canceling a Mutant Ape Yacht Club listing, it was relisted for 6 ETH but someone waiting in the ETH mempool ended up selling the NFT in the same block by front-running the cancellation.

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