On Wednesday, South Africa celebrated Freedom Day, which honors the country’s first post-apartheid democratic election in 1994.

Cointelegraph reached out to different notable individuals in the South African crypto community to see what the holiday meant to them. BitcoinZAR, a Bitcoin advocate in South Africa, noted that “Freedom Day means you are free to use your own money to live your best life,” adding:

“We are free on Freedom Day to choose Bitcoin instead of losing value with government money. Stop aiding and abetting state capture, corruption and looting in South Africa. Vote with your money, and buy Bitcoin.”

Several crypto-related firms have sprouted in the nation, including Luno, a cryptocurrency exchange, while several businesses now take Bitcoin payments, including retail stores and travel companies.

Luno, which was founded by two South Africans in 2013, now has 10 million customers in over 40 countries. The company’s rapid expansion was demonstrated by adding one million new clients in four months last year. In 2017, South Africa’s then-largest online retailer, Pick n Pay, began accepting Bitcoin payments at one of its stores, hinting at cryptocurrency’s potential as a form of payment.

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