What is the Oil Club smart contract?

Oil club is a smart contract miner that follows the rules of the oil and gas industries. Club members earn up to 14% in daily rewards and participate in constantly evolving strategies to maximize profits depending on the current market state.

Is asset tokenization a future of the energy industry?

The concept of oil industry tokenization was first presented by Ziyen Energy in form of a Security Token Offering of the ZiyenCoin.

Ziyen Energy acquired three oil and gas leases in the US and recently bought working interests in 40 oil and gas wells in Parker and Wise Counties.

Smart contracts opened up a new world of opportunities to revolutionize how investments and assets are issued, managed, and transacted. Asset tokenization is at its dawn, with Ziyen Energy being the tip of the spear in this change to the industry.

Is it too late to invest in the Oil Club?

Although the Oil Club smart contract will not give you oil barrels or real oil wells or lands to own, it can certainly bring you sustainable returns, providing stable returns starting from 8% daily and going up to 14% if you follow their investment guidelines. Considering there are no limitations to taking profits or re-invest, compounding will become a big factor in determining the number of your returns. But is it too late?

The algorithm behind the smart contract regulates the price of the club’s “tokenized asset” called OIL, in such a way that if too many members sell their OIL rather than leasing more WELLS and stocking OIL, their returns diminish by…

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