Singapore, Dec. 17, 2021 MAP Protocol’s testnet, Makalu PoC-2 was officially launched on December 10, 2021. Makalu PoC-2 is equivalent to MAP testnet, in the sense that it upgraded the consensus mechanism on the basis of the original PoC-1. Makalu PoC-2 upgrades the consensus mechanism to POS, from the original POW, with high TPS performance standards. This allows it to utilize cross-chain transaction data (assets) and perform “on-chain upgrades” in a flexible manner, while greatly improving transaction processing speed.

Official Launch of MAP Protocol's Makalu Poc-2 Brings Much Needed Upgrades 1

Official Launch of MAP Protocol’s Makalu Poc-2 Brings Much-Needed Upgrades

Makalu PoC-2 makes use of the IBFT algorithm to achieve message consensus between nodes and implement Validator registration and election functions in the form of on-chain contracts and supports. Makalu PoC-2 will also continue to support light client verification to verify on-chain transactions on the peer chain, while being compatible with and supporting EIP-1559. PoC-2 will continue to update multiple versions in the form of small version iterations.

MAP Protocol is considered the “Blockchain Assets Freeway,” as it is a cross-chain bridging protocol that aims to provide a secure end-to-end solution for any blockchain to move assets freely. To fulfill this role, MAP Protocol is built on three layers simultaneously.

The first layer, MAP Chain, known as the base layer, is a dedicated blockchain serving as the infrastructure freeway connecting all kinds of blockchains to break barriers.

Secondly, the asset layer provides an infrastructure freeway linking other…

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