Nonfungible tokens have proven to be successful across a number of industries. From gaming to high-end luxury fashion, NFT use cases have demonstrated the importance of creating lasting connections between a company or a brand and its users/customers.

As such, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the billion-dollar event-ticketing industry is on its way to being disrupted by nonfungible tokens. Specifically, the online event-ticketing sector — which is expected to reach $60 billion by 2026 — will likely see an increase in NFT ticket platforms and marketplaces that issue virtual tickets across a blockchain network.

Colby Mort, head of marketing and communications at Get Protocol — an NFT ticketing infrastructure provider — told Cointelegraph that every ticket issued using Get Protocol’s platform is minted as an NFT on the Polygon blockchain. He added that “Since 2016, Get Protocol has processed over 1 million on-chain registered tickets for events across the world, with 500,000 being NFT tickets processed during 2021.”

While notable, it’s important to point out that NFT tickets are gaining popularity since they aim to solve inefficiencies faced by traditional ticketing systems. Josh Katz, founder and CEO of YellowHeart — a marketplace for music and live-event NFT ticketing — told Cointelegraph that NFT tickets allow fans to have more control, along with offering ongoing royalties for artists. Katz noted that these points are important when considering the problems associated with traditional ticketing models:

“There are tremendous challenges around…

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